😱 Blends In Seamlessly to the Scalp

Each and every strand of ethically sourced human hair is handwoven onto an exclusive mesh material to make it appear as if the extension hair is growing directly out of your scalp.

This method works great for humans who:

  • Experience thinning on the sides of their scalps
  • Don't have enough hair to support the weight of traditional machine wefts
  • Like to wear their hair up in a ponytail

😌 An Even More Seamless Installation

Your BUYa Beauty™ Certified Hairstylist gently loops small sections of your own hair through the MeshTech™ weft and secures it onto your scalp with a row of beads. The MeshTech™ then flaps over the beaded track so that they remain invisible to the naked eye. Hair extensions should feel like an extension of yourself, and with MeshTech™, that's possible.

✌🏼 The Most Natural Hair Extensions for the Most Natural Results

The BUYa Beauty MeshTech™ Hair Extensions are made with 100% ethically sourced raw, natural human hair that has never been chemically altered or colored. We purchase hair directly from women who have a variety of different hair patterns and textures and we keep the raw virgin hair in it's natural form.

We offer natural patterns and textures ranging from straight to curly, and high luster to low so that you can perfectly match your natural extensions to your natural hair type.

PS - These are the best extensions for a natural air dry!

💇🏽‍♀️ Higher Quality Hair Straight from the Source

Each and every BUYa Beauty™ hair extension bundle is made with 100% raw, ethically collected human hair straight from the source.

Our hair extensions look better and last longer because:

  • The natural cuticle is still intact and aligned making the hair stronger, shinier and more versatile to style and custom color
  • The hair has never been chemically altered to change the hair pattern, texture or color for the most natural look
  • Our hair never includes synthetic or animal fibers disguised as human hair
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