♻️ Proud Partners with Matter of Trust 501(c)(3)

BUYa Beautyis a proud partner of Matter of Trust, a non-profit focusing on pollution reduction and ecological inventions. Together we are combatting climate change by cleaning up oil spills in our oceans with human hair mats we make with discarded hair extensions.

BUYa Beauty™ founder, Gina-Maria Garcia is a member of the Hum Sum, a community of entrepreneurs dedicated to implementing humanity-adding solutions within their business models. Garcia works closely with Matter of Trust founder, Lisa Guatier, to raise awareness for the nonprofit and helps facilitate discarded hair extensions from BUYa Beauty customers to the Matter of Trust SF hub to make the extensions into hair mats.

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💪 What We Do With Your Hair Extension Donations

There are over 2600 oil spills a year on average. With the hair extensions BUYa Beauty™ collects and sends to Matter of Trust to make into hair mats, they use those mats to line storm drains to keep oil out of our waterways. Most famously for emergency oil spills, Matter of Trust helped respond to the San Francisco Cosco Busan and the Mexican Gulf Coast BP Deepwater Horizon. In addition, they also help remotely with spills in Korea, France, Galapagos, Mauritius… and oil pits in the Amazon.

PLEASE NOTE: We accept ANY and ALL brands of human hair extensions, so don't be shy to send them to BUYa Beauty™ 😊

🤝 Our Joint Mission

BUYa Beauty™ founder Gina-Maria Garcia and Matter of Trust founder, Lisa Guatier, met in May of 2022 with a mission to do more for the planet with human hair.

We instantly shared a joint mission: Educate beauty consumers around the world on how the beauty products we buy are polluting our planet, and share sustainable and holistic solutions that can help combat the unintended negative side effects of being a beauty consumer.

Together, we are on a mission to make the world a more beautiful place starting with human hair.

🏈 Making Sustainability a Statement with Sports

A portion of each and every BUYa Beauty Spirit Clip sold goes toward our partnership with Matter of Trust - helping BUYa Beauty™ raise awareness about how human hair can help save our oceans and planet, facilitate fiber donations to the Matter of Trust Hub in SF, and expand our efforts to implement donation bins in hair salons around the world.

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Your Hair Extensions in Action! (📸 Cred: matteroftrust.org)