Better Solutions with BUYa Beauty™

From the beginning, BUYa Beauty™ has been dedicated to creating solutions that'll make a significant impact on the lives of our customers with the most innovative hair extension products for fine and thin haired women. But when it comes to human hair, we truly care about the humans who wear our products along with the humans behind the hair we source.

So in our pursuit of achieving quality from head to head, we found better solutions that will not only empower our customers, but can give them the power to make a quality impact on the planet and the lives of women everywhere with our hair extensions. All while looking fabulous, of course 💁‍♀️

Let's make sustainable and ethical hair HOT!

A Better Solution For You 👍

Relax with no tracks. We created a better hair extension solution for women with fine and thin hair.

The MeshTech Human Hair Extensions hair extension utilize an exclusive mesh technology to make hair extensions lighter, flatter, and more discreet than ever before for women with fine and thin hair.

  • Alleviate the soreness on the scalp caused by heavier extension methods
  • Reduce the bulkiness of traditional machine wefts
  • Eliminate the fear and paranoia of not having enough hair to conceal bulky extension tracks
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A Better Quality Solution 💇🏽‍♀️

BUYa Beauty™ Human Hair Extensions are sourced directly from willing sellers in Europe and Southeast Asia to guarantee quality and ethicality from head to head.

  • Straight From the Source: 100% ethically sourced raw, virgin and natural human hair
  • 100% Remy Hair: Natural cuticle still intact and aligned
  • Natural Colors: Never been chemically altered, colored and manufactured
  • Natural Patterns and Textures: Natural straight, curl and wave patterns available to match your natural hair type
  • Quality lasts longer, so you can style more but buy less than
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A Better Solution For Our Planet 🌎

When you buy BUYa Beauty Spirit Clips Hair Extensions, you help us combat climate change by cleaning up oil spills in our oceans with human hair mats we make with discarded hair extensions.

For every BUYa Beauty Spirit Clip you buy, you help us soak up petrochemicals in storm drains, wells, filtration systems, rivers, our oceans with human hair from around the world.

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A Better Solution For Women Abroad ❤️

Many people forget that there are REAL HUMANS behind the hair extensions that we buy. But at BUYa Beauty™, they're top of mind because good haircare starts with caring about where hair comes from.

We are dedicated to responsibly sourcing our hair directly from willing sellers who are paid ethical and fair wages for their locks.

When you buy BUYa Beauty MeshTech™ and weft human hair extensions, you are directly impacting the lives of women who sell their hair overseas.

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